Ekornes QM Holding

Ekornes QM Holding AS was founded 4 January 2018 with the purpose of acquiring the Ekornes Group. In May 2018, an offer was made to purchase the shares of all Ekornes shareholders. The share purchase was completed in August 2018 and Ekornes AS was delisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange in October 2018.


Norwegian ultimate parent company Ekornes QM Holding AS is a subsidiary of Qumei Home Furnishings Group. Qumei Group owns 94,12% of the shares in Qumei Runto S.à.r.l and Hillhouse investment owns the remaining shares.

Qumei Runto S.à.r.l owns 100% of the shares in Ekornes QM Holding AS. The Ekornes Group is the only operational part of the Ekornes QM Holding Group. The consolidated financial statements comprise the financial statements of the parent company Ekornes QM Holding AS and its subsidiaries as at 31.


December 2022. Ekornes QM Holding AS had as at 31 December 2022 100% shareholding and voting rights in Ekornes AS who in its turn has a 100% ownership share and voting rights for all other consolidated companies.

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