This is Ekornes

Corporate management

Coroporate managers

Roger Lunde CEO Ekornes Group
Fredrik Ø. Nilsen CFO Ekornes Group
Svein Lunde SVP Marketing & Business Dev.
James Tate SVP IMG Business
Petter Bjerregaard SVP Commercial NORTH AMERICA
James Thompson SVP Commercial EUROPE
Ole Bastian Emdal SVP Commercial NORDIC
Mark Kelsey SVP Commercial APAC
Lars Wittemann SVP Sourcing & Supply Chain
Ola Arne Ramstad SVP Production Stressless
Trond Veibust SVP Operations & Finance IMG
Pål Aage Nordahl Managing Dir. Svane AS

The Board of Directors

Ruihai Zhao Chair and CEO of Qumei Group
Lars I. Røiri Vice-chair
Stian Ekornes Board Member
Sveinung Utgård BOARD MEMBER - Employee-elected
Ove Skåre BOARD MEMBER - Employee-elected
Atle Berntzen BOARD MEMBER - Employee-elected
Knut Ove Rygg Observer