How to choose your leather quality

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing leather quality: 

How often will the furniture be used? 
Will the furniture be used every day and for many hours per day?  Is it placed in front of the TV? Will it be your favorite chair for reading? Will it only be used when you have guests?

Household information
Do you have children or pets that might use the furniture? Or only adults who will remove stains and spills immediately?

Placement of the furniture
Will your furniture be placed near heat sources or in direct sunlight?

Personal factors
Body oils and perspiration, use of medicines and cosmetic products can over time break down the protective layer of the leather. 

Time willing to spend on maintenance

Look and feel 
Which look and feel do you want your furniture to have? Leather samples are available at your local Stressless dealer.

Stressless leather qualities

The four leather qualities offered for Stressless furniture are developed for Ekornes in cooperation with our suppliers.  Not all of them can be placed in one of the above-mentioned categories. The illustration shows how our qualities can be classified on the scale from Pigmented to Aniline leather.